Pyrex Glass Desiccators

The PYREX® Glass Desiccators are strong, easily cleaned, borosilicate glass desiccators designed for general analytical work. The sturdy knobs make the covers easy to handle. Dessicators come with cover and bowl.

The PYREX 24/29 Standard Taper Stopcock Vacuum Rated desiccators have a rugged 24/29 standard taper stopcock with a tooled hose connection that serves as the vacuum inlet. It is designed so that its manipulation is not affected by the vacuum. Vacuum dessicators come complete with cover, bowl, and stopcock. Tubulation O.D. is approximately 10mm. Designed to eliminate the need for grease.

Both models are made of borosilicate glass 7740.

Key Features

  • Vacuum will not affect stopcock manipulation
  • Large knob makes lid easy to handle
  • No grease is needed

Item Capacity Chamber D Height ID of Ground Flange Recommended Plate Diameter Style Unit of Measure Price Purchase
10.5 L 120mm 344mm 273.5mm 230mm Large Vacuum Dessicator Case of 1
In Stock
2.4 L 81 mm 252mm 172mm 140mm Medium Knob Dessicator Each
In Stock
10.5 L 120mm 357mm 273.5mm 230mm Large Knob Dessicator Case of 1
In Stock
5.8 L 115mm 309mm 223.5mm 190mm Large Knob Dessicator Case of 1
In Stock
2.4 L 81 mm 239mm 172mm 140mm Medium Vacuum Dessicator Case of 1
In Stock

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