Pyrex Glass Centrifuge Tubes

PYREX® Glass Centrifuge Tubes are ideal for a variety of lab applications, including oil distillation analysis, blood work, chemical determinations, and routine chemical separations. To minimize the likelihood of tube breakage, use proper adapters and/or rubber cushions in centrifuge tubes.

Choose from tubes with a beaded rim and tubes with a phenolic threaded screw cap featuring a glued-in, white rubber liner. EF4801M 15mL Tube has a 15-415 GPI thread finish, and EF4801N 50mL Tube has a 24-410 GPI thread finish.

Key Features

  • Uniform borosilicate glass distribution in wall, taper, and bottom provides excellent mechanical strength.
  • Screw caps incorporate a temperature and steam resistant resin for long-lasting use.
  • White graduations offer good visibility and durability.

Item Bottom Style Closure Included Graduated ODxH- mm Top Style Tube Type Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Conical Phenolic/ Rubber Liner Yes 17 x 134 Screw Cap (15-415) Heavy duty 15 mL Case of 12
In Stock
Conical None Yes 17 x 119 Beaded Rim Standard 15 mL Case of 12
In Stock
Conical None No 28 x 135 Beaded Rim Standard 50 mL Case of 12
In Stock
Round Phenolic/ Rubber Liner No 29 x 122 Screw Cap (24-410) Heavy duty 50 mL Each
9 In Stock 9 In Stock
Conical Phenolic/ Rubber Liner Yes 28 x 150 Screw Cap (24-410) Heavy duty 50 mL Case of 12
In Stock

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