Pyrex Class B Straight Bore Buret with PTFE Resin Stopcock

The PYREX® Class B Straight Bore Buret with PTFE Resin Stopcock has a colored scale. This combined with a carefully drawn tip ensures a proper drainage rate. This buret features a 2mm bore. Less accurate than the PYREX® class A buret, this buret is recommended for school laboratories.

The PTFE resin creates a non-stick surface. This feature also reduces freezing and eliminates lubricant contamination.

Precision bore tubing ensures accuracy between any two points. Capacity tolerance is established by ASTM E-287. They are calibrated in accordance with ASTM E542.

Key Features

  • Dust cover
  • PTFE resin stopcock plub
  • Colored scale

Specifications for PYREX® Class B Straight Bore Burette with PTFE Resin Stopcock
Material: Borosilicate Glass Code
Capacity: 10 mL
Graduation Interval: 0.05 mL
Tolerance: ±0.04 mL
Burette Feature: Dispensing
Stopcock Style: Straight Bore PFTE
Stopcock Bore Number: 2
Height: 560 mm (approx.)
Outer Diameter: 9 mm (approx.)

Item Capacity ODxH Subdivisions Tolerance Unit of Measure Price Purchase
100mL 18mm x 752mm 0.20mL ±0.2mL Case of 1
In Stock
10mL 9mm x 560mm 0.05mL ±0.04mL Case of 1
In Stock
50mL 14mm x 750mm 0.10mL ±0.1mL Case of 1
In Stock

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