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PTFE Resin Coated Safety Thermometers

The PTFE Resin Coated Safety Thermometers protect against breakage and contain the liquid and glass inside the coating for safety and easy disposal. A Certificate of Accuracy is included with each thermometer. Each thermometer is serialized and has blue liquid against a white background for ease of reading.

These thermometers are acid, alkali, shatter and leak proof. They are completely sealed in a PTFE resin jacket that is impervious to acids or corrosive chemicals. The PTFE resin jacket also absorbs shock and contains glass and mercury should the thermometer break.

Key Features

  • Safety coated thermometers have a certificate of accuracy.
  • They are impervious to chemicals.
  • PTFE resin jacket absorbs shock and contains mercury in case of breakage.
  • Total Immersion

Item Division Length Range Unit of Measure Price Purchase
1°C 305mm -50 to 50°C Each
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