Pocket Refractometers

The Atago Pocket Refractometer is a completely new and redesigned digital hand-held instrument that will change the traditional conceptions of refractometers. The PAL's surprisingly compact size makes it easy to carry around and use indoors and outdoors. It takes quick and accurate readings and has an easy to use automatic temperature compensation. The rugged unit has an ergonomic design to allow for single hand operation and cleaning. 

The prism is made of scratch resistant optical glass and the entire unit can be washed under running water. Units can also be calibrated with water. No expensive or messy standards are required for the ATAGO Pocket Refractometers. A factory certificate of calibration is available for this instrument. Contact the Daigger Sales Representative for information and pricing. Units are powered by two AAA batteries (included), and measure 4 3⁄8L x2 5⁄32W x 1 1⁄4D".

Key Features

  • Rugged and can be used anywhere
  • Takes quick, accurate readings and features auto- temperature compensation
  • Ergonomic design allows for singled handed operation and cleaning

Item ATC Range Resolution Typical Applications Unit of Measure Price Purchase
10 to 40°C 12.0 to 30.0% 0.1% Brix Moisture in honey Each
In Stock
10 to 100°C 0.0 to 53.0% 0.1% Brix Juices;Conc. Juices;Canned Goods Each
In Stock
10 to 100° 0.0 to 93.0% 0.1% Brix Honey;Conc. Juices Each
In Stock
10 to 100°C 45.0 to 93.0% 0.1% Brix Jams;Jellies;Honey;Conc. Juices Each
In Stock

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