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Plastic Desiccators

These Thermo Scientific Nalgene Plastic Desiccators feature a polycarbonate body with a wide, stable base. Choose from two types:

Desiccator EF7046A is suitable for both vacuum and non-vacuum applications. It includes a silicone O-ring seal that requires no grease. TPE caps seal the side-arms for non-vacuum use. The stopcock can be removed for cleaning. Maximum clearance above the plate is 195 mm. Desiccator accepts 1/4" to 3/8" I.D vacuum tubing (not included). Use at room temperature only.

Desiccator EF7046 is designed for vacuum applications. No gasket or vacuum draw is necessary to achieve a tight seal—only grease is needed. The straight bore design of the non-removable Teflon® stopcock eliminates leakage. Maximum clearance above the plate is 143 mm. Body-mounted vacuum stopcock accepts 1/4" tubing.

Both models include a 250mm polycarbonate cover and accept standard 230mm plates (order separately). Do not autoclave or use with organic solvents or concentrated acids.

Autoclavable Desiccator Plate 7049C is impervious to virtually all acids and alkalis. Numbered quadrants provide a reference point for locating crucibles. The plate has six holes in each quadrant and a 22mm center hole; plate diameter is 230mm. Plate meets the requirements of Standard Methods of Water and Wastewater examination.

Key Features

  • Will not shatter or implode when used according to instructions—safer than glass options
  • Impervious to all solid desiccants, including alkalis and dilute acids

Item Product Description Clearance Dimensions Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Vacuum 143mm 330mm x 262 mm(OD x H) Case of 4
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Vacuum/Non Vacuum 195mm 280mm x 329mm (OD x H) Case of 4
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Metal/Ceramic Composite. 230mm Dia Case of 6
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