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Paraplast Tissue Embedding Medium

Leica Paraplast Tissue Embedding Medium is a blend of polymers and highly-purified paraffin is provided in handy pellets for fast melting. It features excellent ribbon continuity for undistorted wrinkle-free sections and complete clearing without stainable residue. Choose from three different formulations:

Paraplast is excellent for general use. It gives even brittle, difficult-to-section tissue an innate elasticity, producing excellent, wrinkle-free sections.

Paraplast X-tra has a lower viscosity for large tissue or tissue that may normally present infiltration issues.

Paraplast Plus contains DMSO and is recommended for lower-temperature.

Packed in 1kg (2.2lbs.) bags of pellets

Key Features

  • Improved tissue infiltration and superior quality sections with minimal compression
  • Provided in pellets for fast melting

Specifications for Paraplast Tissue Embedding Medium
  Paraplast Paraplast X-tra Paraplast Plus
Melting Point 56°C 56°C 50 to 54°C
Cuts To 4µm 2µm 2µm

Item Embedding Medium Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Paraplast Each
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Paraplast Plus Case of 8
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