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Parafilm Sealing Film

Parafilm Sealing Film is a thermoplastic, flexible, self-sealing sheet material commonly used to seal flasks, tubes, petri dishes, etc. Parafilm is also used to further seal a lidded container against moisture for long-term storage. Due to its stretchable, moldable, waterproof, and self-adhering properties, Parafilm holds moisture loss to a minimum.

Originally, the Parafilm product was developed for histology and other “medical” applications. Parafilm essentially was an equal blend of a hydrocarbon wax and a polyolefin. It exhibits unusual elongation properties and at 70°F, it can be stretched by more than 200% and will partially return to its original length. At 180 to 200°F, it softens sufficiently to make an adhesive bond between papers, cloths, etc. A white separation paper is used to keep one layer from sticking to another.

Supplied in a dispenser carton. Click here to purchase an acrylic dispenser designed to offer superior protection from the blade while in use. Safety is especially important as it features a super sharp blade for easy cutting. The sturdy, transparent acrylic housing allows monitoring of the film supply. Holds one or two 2” rolls or one 4” roll.

Key Features

  • Colorless, durable, and moisture proof—Parafilm molds to almost any surface
  • Ideal for sealing beakers, flasks, tubes, and petri dishes
  • Wider parafilm seals larger containers such as trays and basins
  • Parafilm 3068-61 comes in a mailing tube; all other Parafilm comes in paper dispenser box – order plastic dispensers separately
Item Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
20" X 50' Each
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4" X 250' Each
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2" X 250' Each
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4" X 125' Each
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