Parafilm Sealing Film

Since Parafilm Sealing Film is a thermoplastic, self-sealing film, it is ideal for the scientific laboratory. Because it is stretchable, moldable, waterproof, and self-adhering, as a sealing film, Parafilm holds moisture loss to a minimum. As a sealing film, it is commonly used for sealing or protecting vessels as it offers excellent protection for the contents of tubes, flasks, and petri dishes. Parafilm is also used to further seal a lidded container against moisture for long term storage.

Originally, the Parafilm product was developed for histology and other "medical" applications. Parafilm essentially was an equal blend of a hydrocarbon wax and a polyolefin. It exhibits unusual elongation properties and can stretch roughly ten times before breaking. Because of the wax component, a white separation paper is used to keep one layer from sticking to another.

Key Features

  • Colorless, durable, and moisture proof—Parafilm molds to almost any surface
  • Ideal for sealing beakers, flasks, tubes, and petri dishes
  • Wider parafilm seals larger containers such as trays and basins
  • Parafilm 9896C comes in a mailing tube; all other Parafilm comes in a paper dispenser box—order dispensers separately
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4" x 250 ft Each
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20" x 50 ft Each
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2" x 250 ft Each
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