Pall HEPA Filter Capsules

Pall HEPA Filter Capsules ensure high efficiency particulate-free air (HEPA). The porous membrane delivers high air flow rates at low differential pressure and extends filter life.

Key Features

  • Ensures particulate-free air 99.97% retention of 0.3µm DOP aerosol
  • Designed to provide bacteria-free air for sterile applications
  • Can be used for non-sterilizing liquid prefiltration

Specifications for In-Line HEPA Capsule Filter
Filter Media Versapor® membrane
(acrylic copolymer on a non-woven support)
Housing Polypropylene
Filter Support Polyester
Adapters Nylon
Membrane Sealing Material Polyurethane
Housing Sealing Material Polypropylene-encapsulated stainless steel
Pore Size
Liquid Filtration 1.2µm
Air/Gas Filtration 99.97% retention of 0.3µm DOP aerosol
Effective Filtration Area 860 cm²
Housing Length 19.3 cm
Overall Length 26.9 cm
Diameter 6.3 cm
General Specifications
Inlet/Outlet Connections 3/8 in. FNPT; includes optional hose barb
fittings to accept 12.7 mm (1/2in) ID tubing
Max. Operating Temperature 88°C (190°F)
Max. Operating Pressure 3.4 bar (340 kPa, 50 psi)
Biological Safety Passes United States Pharmacoeia (USP)
Biological Reactivity Test, In Vivo <88>
Item Effective Filtration Area Membrane Material Pore Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
860 cm2 Versapor® membrane 1.2µm Each
12 In Stock 12 In Stock

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