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Owl Horizontal System D3-14

This Thermo Scientific Owl Horizontal System D3-14 recirculates the buffer for longer run times. It prevents formation of pH and ionic gradients for high resolution and uniform, reproducible results. The complete system includes buffer chamber and SuperSafe™ lid with attached power supply leads. It also includes EasyCast™ gasketed UVT gel tray and 2 combs: 12 and 20 well, 1.5 mm thick.

Prep combs have one long well and one marker lane well. Double-sided combs combine 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm tooth thickness on one comb. Rapid load combs are meant to be used with 8- or 12-channel pipettors for high throughput work.

The UVT gel tray incorporates gasketed end gates which provide a leakproof seal without tape. Comb slots are positioned to enable up to 12 sample sets on the same gel, The system is available in transparent green, yellow, and orange colors. For combs, refer to the table above.

Key Features

  • Self-circulating
  • Multiple colors
  • Double-sided combs

Specifications for Thermo Scientific Owl Horizontal System D3-14
Gel Size 12W x 14L cm
Chamber Dimensions 12H x 25L x 18W cm
Buffer volume 1000 mL

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Owl System D3-14 Each
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