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Owl Horizontal Large Gel System A3-1

The Thermo Scientific Owl Horizontal Large Gel System A3-1 can run from 25 to 600 samples on one gel. Sample loading is greatly enhanced using micro well pipette format combs engineered specifically for use with this system. Using these combs and a multichannel pipette, samples may be loaded directly from a 96-well plate, 8 or 12 at a time. Sample loading with a multichannel pipette speed transfer and reduces chance of sample order error.

Unit comes with built in buffer exchange ports to allow for buffer recirculation on extended runs, if needed. The large number of comb slots gives you sample and resolving distance flexibility.

Gels can be cast in varying lengths to help conserve agarose when fewer samples need to be run utilizing a wall comb. The A3-1 Wide Gel System incorporates Owl’s end gate gel casting system. The UVT gel tray incorporates gasketed end gates which provide a leakproof seal without tape. Built in leveling ensures the casting of flat, uniformly thick gels. 

System includes buffer chamber with three-point leveling base, SuperSafe* lid with attached power supply leads, UVT gel tray, four combs (two 25- and two 50-well), built-in buffer exchange ports and bubble level.

Key Features

  • Large system runs up to 600 samples on one gel
  • Ideal for plant genomics
  • Gel can be cast in varying lengths to conserve agarose
  • Three year warranty

Specifications for Owl® Horizontal Large Gel System A3-1
Gel Size 23W x 40L cm
Chamber Dimensions 10.5H x 53L x 32W cm
Buffer Volume 4500 mL
Combs Included 25 well (1.5 mm) x 2
50 well (1.5 mm) x 2

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