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Orion Sure-Flow Combination Electrodes

Thermo Scientific Orion Sure-Flow Combination Electrodes quickly and efficiently measures free ions in aqueous solutions. Since it contains both a sensing electrode and a reference element, it can be used with smaller sample volumes.

A free-flowing Sure-Flow® junction ensures stable, drift-free potentials – if the junction clogs, just flush it clean by pressing the cap. The electrode has a solid-state sensing membrane and epoxy body with a waterproof BNC connector.

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Key Features

  • Fluoride electrode meets the requirements for ASTM D 1179: fluoride in drinking water
  • No additional reference electrode is necessary
  • 12-month warranty

Specifications for Thermo Scientific Orion Ion Selective Electrodes
Ion: Fluoride
ppm Range:
Saturated to 0.02
Probe Internal Resistance: 150 to 200 kohm
Concentration Range: Saturated to 10-6M; saturated to 0.02ppm
pH Range:   H 5 to 7 at 10-6M (0.02ppm F-)
Optimum Temperature Range: 0 - 80°C
Outside Diameter: 0.51 in. (13mm)
Body Length: 4.33 in. (110mm)
Cable length: 39 in. (1m)

Item Product Description Membrane Type ppm Range Temp. Range Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Nitrate (NO3-) Plastic 14;000 to 0.1 as N 0 to 40°C Each
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Chloride (Cl-) Solid State 35;500 to1.8 0 to 80°C Each
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Combination fluoride electrode Solid State saturated to 0.02ppm 0 to 80°C Each
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