One-Touch Vortexers

The FinePCR One-Touch Vortexers comes with a unique universal rack and rubber platform, perfect for vortexing flasks and test tubes or for attaching centrifuge tubes and ampules. Rubber platform is easily placed on and off the rack for quick changes. 

Dual-mode switch lets you vortex continuously or intermittently- simply press your tube to the universal rack. Vortexing velocity can be easily adjusted with the speed potentiometer. Red LED is illuminated while unit is turned on.

Durable heavy-duty ABS plastic housing is chemically resistant. This vortexer has anti-vibration, shock absorbing feet to prevent slipping and sliding.

 Key Features

  • Dual-Mode Switch
  • Vortex continually or intermittently
  • Anti-vibration, shock absorbing feet

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One-Touch Vortexer Each
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