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OHAUS Frontier 5515 & 5515R High Speed Microliter Centrifuges

The OHAUS Frontier 5515 & 5515R High Speed Microliter Centrifuges is a microcentrifuge that provide high-speed operation for spin-down applications requiring a wide variety of tube volumes and capacities. With refrigeration capabilities (5515R), multi-acceleration/deceleration settings, multiple safety features, and an unmatched capacity, these centrifuges provides stable liquid separation for life science applications requiring high-speed operation.

These centrifuges feature an easy-to-use control panel with rotary knobs gives users the ability to set and recall speed and g-force, as well as control the temperature (5515R only). A powerful brushless induction motor, 10 acceleration and deceleration settings, and memory for up to 99 commonly-used parameters are all standard features. Protecting the user from injury are safety features such as a motorized lid locking system and a rotor imbalance sensor that stops the centrifuge if the rotors become imbalanced or sudden shock occurs. Seven rotor sizes (purchase separately) provide flexibility for varied centrifugation needs, more than any centrifuge in its class!

Key Features

  • Powerful induction motor reaches speeds up to 15,200 RPM in less than 16 seconds
  • Maximum g-force of 21,953 RCF
  • 10 acceleration/deceleration settings
  • 99-memory sets for commonly-used speed, time, and temperature settings (5515R only)
  • R-Model has refrigeration capabilities from 40°C to -20°C – cools down from 23°C to 4°C in less than 10 minutes; pre-cool feature quickly lowers the temperature of rotor and chamber before a run
  • Maximum capacity of 44 x 1.5/2mL and 12 x 5mL tubes (rotors ordered separately)
  • Compatible with 6 rotors, including a PCR strip tube rotor
  • Snap-on rotor and lid locking system allows for quick installation of rotors with just one press of a button

Specifications for OHAUS Frontier 5515 & 5515R High Speed Microliter Centrifuges
Model 5515R 5515
Speed Range 200 rpm - 15200 rpm; 10 rpm/increments
Maximum RCF 21953 x g; 10 x g/set
Maximum Capacity (Rotor) 44 x 1.5/2.0mL; 12 x 5mL
Temperature Range/Cooling -20°C to 40°C, 1°C/set Air Cooled
Running Time 10sec to 99hr 99min 59sec or continuous
AC Power 120V 50-60Hz
Fluctuation ±10%
Current Consumption 5.1A 2.3A
Power Consumption 560W 580W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1.3 x 22.1 x 11.5 in 11.3 x 15.5 x 11.5 in
Net Weight (Without Rotor) 77 lb 38 lb
Shipping Dimensions 15.7 x 26.0 x 20.5 in 15.7 x 21.5 x 16.1 in
Shipping Weight (Without Rotor) 97 lb 44 lb
Item Product Description Max. RCF Model Speed Range Temp. Range Unit of Measure Price Purchase
OHAUS Microcentrifuge 21;953 g 5515 200 - 15;200 RPM Air Cooled Each
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OHAUS Refrigerated Microcentrifuge 21;953 g 5515R 200 - 15;200 RPM –20°C to 40°C Each
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