Octagonal Stir Bar Assortment Kits

These Octagonal Stir Bar Assortment Kits come with pivot rings. They are Teflon PTFE resin coated and bright white unless otherwise indicated. 

See Specifications tab above for additional information on kit contents.

Key Features

  • Resin coated
  • Come with pivot rings

Specifications for Dynalon Octagonal Stir Bar Assortment Kits
EF22797 Octagonal Includes 2 each (Lxdia mm): 13x8, 15x8, 25x10, 38x10, 51x10, 64x10
EF3278 Octagonal & Micro Includes 10 Octahedral & 2 Micro Stirrer Bars (Lxdia mm): 2 each of octahedral, 13x8, 15x8, 25x10, 38x10, 51x10; 2 each of Micro - 7x2, 10x3
EF22801 Colored Octagonal Includes 24 colored octahedral stirrer bars, 1 each of blue, red and yellow (Lxdia mm): 13x3, 13x8, 15x8, 22x8, 25x8, 38x8, 51x8, 75x13

Item Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Octagonal Kit Pack of 12
2 In Stock 2 In Stock
Octagonal & Micro Kit Each
3 In Stock 3 In Stock
Colored Octagonal Kit Pack of 24
In Stock

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