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Nunclon Polystyrene Cell Culture Tubes

Thermo Scientific Nunc Nunclon Polystyrene Cell Culture Tubes are tissue culture treated for adherent cell cultures. Nunc products are high quality plastics for use in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and research laboratories, as well as in the production of vaccines and diagnostic kits. Nunc Cell Culture Tubes are available in a flat sided version ideal for microscopy.

These tubes feature polystyrene tubes and polyethylene caps. The flat-sided tube provides 5.5cm 3culture area for growth of adherent cells. The flat side allows easy microscopy, a coverslip can be used in the tube. The suggested working volume is 3 mL.

Key Features

  • Cell culture tubes are tissue culture treated for adherent cell cultures
  • Made of high quality polystyrene with polyethylene caps
  • Flat-sided tubes are ideal for microscopy

Item Culture Area Ext. Dimensions Tube Shape Working Volume Unit of Measure Price Purchase
5.5 cm2 110 x 16 mm Flat 3 mL Case of 450
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