Nunc Cryotube Racks

Thermo Scientific Nunc Cryotube Racks allow the user to easily store and sort cryotubes. They are available in 40 vial racks. Their external dimensions are 202 x 102mm. They are made with polyphenyleneoxide.

The racks are designed for easy, one-handed operation. Star-foot design cryotubes lock into the rack. Thanks to this feature, the user can uncap/cap tubes with one hand. The racks can be autoclaved for easy cleaning.

The Polyphenylene oxide and polystyrene make up the racks. The Polyphenylene oxide is a heat resistant plastic that performs well at high temperatures. This allows the racks to be autoclaved without structural breakdown.

Key Features

  • Can be autoclaved
  • Can be used with starfoot tubes for one-hand operation
  • Made with polyphenylene oxide

Item Product Description Dimensions Unit of Measure Price Purchase
40 vial capacity 102 x 202 mm Case of 15
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