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Nunc Conical-Bottom Large Volume Tubes

Thermo Scientific Nunc Conical-Bottom Large Volume Tubes are designed for use in low speed refrigerated centrifuges. The centrifuge tubes are chemical resistant and fit most centrifuges with 250-500 ml bucket rotors. 

Polypropylene tubes allow for use at high temperatures. The conical tubes come with a sterile, tight-sealing HDPE screw cap, and molded graduation marks to ensure accuracy when measuring. Conical-bottom centrifuge tubes must be used with a NALGENE adapter, and must be used at 80% capacity in order to fully function.

Key Features

  • 175 mL tubes; 5,800 x g max. force
  • Polypropylene durability withstanding high temperatures
  • Gamma radiation sterilized bottles
  • High-density polyethylene screw closure

Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Centrifuge Tube; PP with PE Plug Cap; 60x130 mm ODxL Case of 48
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Cushion Adapter; Nylon; For 200mL tubes Case of 2
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