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Nalgene Sterile Analytical Filter Units

Certified for water quality work, the Nalgene Sterile Analytical Filter Units are disposable, preassembled, presterilized filter units and funnels include an easy-to-remove membrane for culturing or other analysis. The 47mm membranes of the Trion-free cellulose nitrate provide superior recovery and growth of microorganisms. The 0.2µm membrane is white and the 0.45µm membrane is white with gray grid. 0.45µm pore size is EPA certified.

The unit capacity has been increased to 150mL. The upper polypropylene and lower polystyrene are both graduated to the full 150mL volume for pre- and post- filtration certainty. The upper chamber twists off easily for improved retrieval of the membrane.

A stepped hose barb accepts most commonly used tubing sizes. A wider base is stable on the bench. The non-silicone gasket minimizes risk of contamination. The product also features a new easy-to-opening bag.

Key Features

  • Pre-sterilized filter units/funnels
  • Increased unit capacity
  • Non-silicone gasket
  • Complies with ISO 7704 (evaluation, comparison of water testing filters for microbiological analysis)
  • Offers good chemical resistance to dilute acids, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, and conforms to APHA and Standard Methods
Item Pore Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
0.45µm Pack of 12
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0.2 µm Pack of 12
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