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Nalgene Safety Waste Systems

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Safety Waste Systems are designed to help laboratories meet standard safety requirements. They provide a standardized system for storing waste and general waste collection. The safety systems can be used with both biological and chemical waste. Safe waste systems are available in chemical resistant plastics (high-density polyethylene and polypropylene).

The safety waste systems come with several features that promote safety and general cleanliness. If the Nalgene Safety Waste System is knocked over, the Easy-Snap Latch prevents spills. Volatile emissions are a standard laboratory hazard encountered while pouring chemicals. They are contained by a specially designed plug, vent, and vent filter.

Ideally, waste stored in the safety waste systems should not include large particles. These particles are collected in a neck screen. Pouring waste into a Nalgene® Safety Waste System is simple. Large diameter funnels are included to prevent spilling.

Key Features

  • System is resistant to chemicals and breaking
  • Is designed for use with solvents, chemicals, and biological wastes
  • Includes a vent plug that releases pressure during pouring

Item Closure Material Container Size Filter Material Funnel Closure Funnel Material Funnel Screen Insert Material Funnel Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
PP 4L bottle PP/PTFE 38-430 HDPE PP 5 1/2" Case of 1
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