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Nalgene Safety Bottle Carriers

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Safety Bottle Carriers hold various bottle sizes. Three carrier sizes are available. All three are available in cases of six or as individual units. The carriers are made out of low-density polyethylene.

The six carrier that holds six standard half-liter reagent bottles can also be used for carrying other standard half-liter glass or plastic bottles. Nalgene® Safety Bottle Carriers are designed to keep the bottles from bumping into each other and cracking. The carriers are stackable. A cover (included) can be latched to the base.

The safety bottle carrier carries one 2.5 L acid bottle. This carrier features a clear polycarbonate lid. This allows the user to see the bottle cap before opening the carrier. Acid can be poured without removing the container from the carrier. A nearly identical carrier is available that holds one standard 4 L reagent bottle.

Key Features

  • Made with linear low-density polyethylene
  • Securely holds bottles
  • Carriers are stackable

Item Carrier Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
One 4 L reagent Pack of 1
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
Six 0.5 L reagent Pack of 1
4 In Stock 4 In Stock
One 2.5 L acid Case of 6
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock

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