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Nalgene Reusable Filter Holders

Thermo Scientific Nalgene® Reusable Filter Holders are constructed of polysulfone (PSF) with a silicone O-ring and a polypropylene vacuum adapter, screws tightly onto bottles with 47 mm to 50mm neck heads. The filter is strong and transparent, and the silicone O-ring seals the membrane and prevents bypass of liquids.

This filter is helpful in field study, designed for filtrating liquids or gases and detecting microbial contamination in production lines.

The filter accepts 1/4-in. to 5/16-in. (6- to 8-mm) I.D. vacuum tubing (along with syringe filters), while two side arms connect to vacuum line. The filter is also fully autoclavable—the tubing adapter can be stuffed with cotton for sterile venting during autoclaving.

Key Features

  • Eliminates need for breakable glass flask
  • Graduated receiver up to 114 mm
  • Covers 47 to 50 mm membranes

Specifications for Thermo Scientific Nalgene® Reusable Filter Holders
Cat. No.

300-4000 300-4050 300-4100
Cap., Upper Chamber, ml 250 500 500
Cap., Receiver, ml 250 500 1000
Overall Width incl. Side-arms, mm 110 134 134
Diameter of Receiver (mm) 83 117 114
Height, Incl. Cover Ports, (mm) 180 230 293
Nom. filter area, with analytical support plate, cm2 11.25 11.25 11.25
Nom. filter area with sterilization support plate, cm2 13.3 13.3 13.3
No. per Pkg
1 1 1
No. per Case 4 4 4

Item Bottom Cap. Top Cap. Unit of Measure Price Purchase
1L 500mL Case of 4
1 In Stock 1 In Stock
500mL 500mL Pack of 1
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock

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