Nalgene Plastic Separatory Funnels

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Plastic Separatory Funnels are a combination of Teflon and Tefzelmaterials make these Nalgene funnels break-resistant, transparent, non-stick for easy cleaning, non-wetting for complete draining, and resistant to the chemicals typically used in separatory funnels. The funnel body is Teflon FEP, the stopcock is Teflon TFE, and the screw closure is Tefzel ETFE.

These funnels are suitable for use with mechanical shakers, if a hose clamp is placed over the stopcock insertion area. The closure and stopcock are leak-resistant. The funnels are autoclavable except for the stopcock assembly, which can be chemically disinfected. Phthalate-free.

Key Features

  • Plastic funnels are an excellent alternative to more expensive and fragile glass funnels
  • Transparency makes it possible to view phase separations of colorless liquids
  • Stopcock assembly is easy to remove for cleaning

Item Capacity Closure Size Material Stem Length (below stopcock) Unit of Measure Price Purchase
2000 mL 53 mm FEP 65 mm Case of 2
In Stock
250mL 33 mm PP 65 mm Case of 4
In Stock
1000mL 53 mm FEP 65 mm Case of 4
In Stock
500mL 43 mm FEP 65 mm Case of 4
9 In Stock 9 In Stock

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