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Nalgene Plastic Filter Funnels with Clamp

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Plastic Filter Funnels with Clamp come complete with a clamp for use in microbial and particulate analysis. It has the same funnel design as glass funnels, but is break-resistant. It is made of clear polysulfone that is non-toxic. The funnel exhibits a low protein binding and is easy to clean. It features an upper reservoir that is graduated in 25 mL increments from 100 to 260 mL. There is no leakage or bypass even after autoclaving.

A membrane support plate firmly holds the 47 mm membrane. Its snug-fitting cover has three ports, each of which are fitted with a friction-fit cap. The spring-loaded aluminum clamp holds the funnel and stem together and provides easy access for retrieval and replacement of the membrane. The clamp allows one-handed operation. The funnel may be used with any filtering flask or filter manifold which accepts a No. 8 rubber stoppers with a 9/16 in. (15-mm) hole.

The Nalgene Analytical Filter Funnel is ideal for use with filtering flasks or manifolds. Upper chambers are graduated at 150 ml. It is particularly useful for large volume analytical applications as long as the membrane continues to flow. It features a convenient snap-away design with removable membrane. It is safer and easier to use than cumbersome glass and metal funnels.

Key Features

  • Break-resistant
  • Clear, non-toxic polysulfone that is easy to clean
  • Upper reservoir is graduated in 25 mL increments
  • Doesn’t leak after autoclaving
  • Analytical filter funnel is ideal for filtering flasks or manifolds
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