Nalgene Plastic Centrifuge Bottles

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Centrifuge Bottles are ideal for large volume cell harvesting, pelleting and protein purification. They are the perfect fit with Thermo Scientific Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors. Molded of rigid and robust polypropylene copolymer, these translucent bottles are autoclavable and have excellent chemical resistance properties. All bottles except 4860 (HDPE) can be repeatedly autoclaved. FEP bottles must be spun at refrigerated temperatures. Caps are ETFE-Tefzel for FEP bottles. All others are PP. All resins are non-cytotoxic.

They are designed for low to moderate speed centrifugation of biological and chemical samples. Polypropylene sealing caps assemblies are available for 250mL (DS3131-0038) and 1000mL (DS3132-0063) sizes for added leak proof assurance at higher speeds and fill volumes. 3120-1010 is designed for use with IEC rotors.

For proper performance, bottles must be filled to at least 80% of total capacity, except for 3120-9500 which must not be filled more than 75% of total capacity. When spinning a 250mL bottle in a Sorvall GSA rotor, the Nalgene® centrifuge bottle adapter (DS3125-0250) is required.

Standard screw caps should be upgraded to either sealing cap 4723A for 250 mL bottles or sealing cap 4723B for 1000 mL bottles to achieve leak proof service at high speeds or when spinning hazardous materials. The Thermo Scientific Nalgene Sealing Cap assembly permits tube use at their highest rated speed level (10,000 x g or greater) without leakage, even when full.

Key Features

  • Nalgene bottles are perfect for large volume cell harvesting and pelleting
  • Fit with Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors
  • Designed for low to moderate speed centrifugation
  • Most can be repeatedly autoclaved

Item Cap Style Max. RCF Nominal Capacity ODxH- mm Tube Material Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Sealing Cap 27.5K 250 mL 60.7 x 133.4 PPCO Case of 36
In Stock
Screw Cap 27.5K 250 mL 61.8 x 127.7 PPCO Case of 36
In Stock
Screw Cap 4K 250 mL 60 x 128.8 FEP Case of 6
In Stock
Sealing Cap 13.7K 500 mL 69.5 x 160 PC Case of 24
In Stock
Sealing Cap 27.5K 250 mL 61.8 x 135.1 PC Case of 36
In Stock
Sealing Cap 4.8K 500 mL 69.5 x 160 PPCO Case of 24
In Stock
Screw Cap 7.1K 1 L 97.5 x 184.5 PPCO Case of 16
In Stock
Screw Cap 4.8K 500 mL 73.8 x 169.8 PPCO Case of 24
In Stock

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