Nalgene LDPE Sample Bags 4ml

Thermo Scientific Nalgene LDPE Sample Bags 4ml are designed with strong LDPE walls that are 4 mils thick. The low-density polyethylene is clear for easy identification of contents. They have strong walls to ensure protection from punctures and are waterproof to protect your samples. 

The heavy-duty double track zipper locks securely to also protect the items inside the bags. This zipper ensures that dry specimens will stay dry and moist specimens will stay moist. Not only does it protect your specimens and items, it is also easy and convenient to operate.

Nalgene LDPE Sample Bags are design for small lab items, botanical samples, and other specimens. However, the bags are not recommended for storing liquid samples.

Key Features

  • Strong, waterproof LDPE walls are 4 mils thick
  • Heavy-duty, double track "zipper" locks securely 
  • Ideal for small lab items and specimens 

Item Bag Size- in Unit of Measure Price Purchase
9W x 13H Case of 250
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9W x 18H Case of 250
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5W x 8H Case of 500
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4W x 6H Case of 500
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