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Nalgene Labware Value Pack

This Thermo Scientific Nalgene Labware Value Pack is an assortment of popular, everyday labware in a convenient pack. It makes a convenient and economical new lab starter kit or is a great refresher pack for established labs. All items are chemically compatible with a wide range of common laboratory reagents; especially acids, bases, and alcohols. 

It comes with 20 items, including:

6 straight sided jars (500 mL/PPCO)
4 unitary wash bottles (500 mL/LDPE)
4 graduated cylinders (2-100 mL, 500 mL, 1L/PPCO)
5 griffin low-form beakers (50, 100, 250, 600, 1000 mL/PPCO)
1 blue Unwire half-rack for 30 mm tubes

Key Features

  • Convenient - receive 20 items with one catalog number
  • Cost effective - variety of everyday lab items at one low price
  • Safe alternative to glass - won't shatter or break
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Labware Value Pack Pack
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