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Nalgene Hand Pressure Vacuum Pumps

These Thermo Scientific Nalgene Hand Pressure Vacuum Pumps are hand-operated vacuum pumps quickly obtain and hold a vacuum pressure of 25" (635mm) Hg. Pressure can be released with just the touch of an index finger without disconnecting the pump from the line – just remove the cover from the exhaust port and trigger to release the vacuum. Full blank port pressure requires only two strokes.

Durable PVC pumps fit standard 1/4" tubing and is supplied with a 2’ length of tubing. Do not autoclave

Key Features

  • Ideal for siphoning, liquid transfer, filtration, bleeding lines, and checking vacuum operated equipment
  • Require only one hand for operation
  • Adjustable vacuum release rate

Item Pressure Rate/Stroke Unit of Measure Price Purchase
3 psig 15 cc Case of 4
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
7 psig 36 cc Pack of 1
2 In Stock 2 In Stock

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