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Micro-Mate & Perfektum Glass Syringes

Micro-Mate Interchangeable Glass Syringes are manufactured to ensure perfect mating of barrels and plungers. Any Micro-Mate interchangeable syringe of a particular size will fit any Micro-Mate interchangeable barrel of that same size.

Perfektum Glass Syringes feature frosted individually lapped barrels and plungers which can withstand higher temperatures, and have a metal Luer-Lock fitting tip. These syringes are individually boxed and have matching serial numbers on mating barrels and plungers.

Both types of syringes have metal Luer-Lock tips. Metal Luer-Lock tips are made of chrome-plated brass and are fitted to heavy glass bases to assure greater strength than glass luer tips. All luer needles lock into Needle Lock Tips with an easy twist.

Key Features

  • Metal Luer-Lock tip to easily and securely attach needles
  • Precision shrinking ensures improved fit
  • Colored plunger ends are fused around bottom beveled rim of plunger
  • Strong, Borosilicate glass provides protection against thermal shock
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Graduations permanently fused into glass barrel
  • Reinforced flanges prevent syringe rolling