MBP Finnpipette Stepper

The MBP Finnpipette Stepper repeatedly dispenses reagents quickly, easily, and accurately using positive displacement, which is especially good for viscous, volatile, and other challenging liquids. The unit is designed so that liquids contact only the disposable tip, not the Stepper itself, which helps eliminate contamination problems. It’s easy to operate the Stepper by attaching the appropriate tip size, filling it, priming the tip, and dialing the selected volume. Plus, the volume is simple to set, with the assistance of a chart located on the handle.

The Stepper accepts seven tip sizes, covering a volume range of 10 µL to 5000 µL. It is supplied with one adapter, which is necessary for use with 25 mL and 50 mL tips. Five volume settings are available for each tip size; simply dial in the selected volume.

Finntip Stepper Tip EF20492G is designed specially for use with the Finnpipette Stepper pipette. The 1.25 mL sterile tip has a dispensing volume of 25 µL to 125 µL. 

Key Features

  • Pipette allows rapid repeat dispensing up to 45 times in succession without refilling.
  • Positive displacement provides accurate results.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handle with wide "grippy" finger rest is designed for comfort.

Item Volume Attribute Description Dispensing Volume Unit of Measure Price Purchase
500µL Non-Sterile Stepper Tip 10; 20; 30; 40; 50 µL Pack of 100
In Stock
1.25mL Sterile Stepper Tips 25-125µl Pack of 50
In Stock
5 mL Non-Sterile Stepper Tip 100; 200; 300; 400; 500µL Pack of 50
In Stock

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