Locking Lid Microcentrifuge Tubes

Use these Locking Lid Microcentrifuge Tubes to secure your samples under various conditions. The snap cap locks into place and is pierceable. The graduated tubes feature conical bottoms, are made of natural color polypropylene, and are autoclavable for multiple use.

Key Features

  • Tubes are strong enough to withstand boiling, freezing, centrifugation, and rough handling.
  • Frosted side and top allow for easy marking.

Item Centrifuge Speed Rating Graduations Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
30;000 x G 0.1 mL; 0.5 mL; 1.0 mL; 1.5 mL 0.6mL Pack of 1000
9 In Stock 9 In Stock
24;000 x G 0.2 mL; 0.4 mL; 0.6 mL 1.5mL Pack of 500
4 In Stock 4 In Stock

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