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Liquid Dial Antimicrobial Gold Soap Gallon Bottles

The Lagasse Liquid Dial Antimicrobial Gold Soap Gallon Bottles can be ordered in cases of four. Frequent hand washings aren’t a problem thanks to the included emollients and skin conditioners. A refreshing scent masks any lingering chemical odors.

The powerful base lifts the dirt off of your hands. Triclosan™, the active ingredient, is proven to kill many problematic organisms on contact. These organisms include a wide range of bacteria and yeasts. Gram positive and gram negative pathogens have their growth curtailed by Triclosan™.

The soap contains other standard ingredients. These include water, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine and sodium chloride.

Key Features

  • Moisturizer prevents cracked/irritated hands
  • Features a refreshing scent
  • Removes dirt and germs