Large Capacity Modular Mixers

Glas-Col Large Capacity Modular Mixers perform high or low speed orbital mixing. They feature a homing position and repeatable mixing settings. They are affordable and automated. They can be customized for many types of racks or thermal blocks. Applications include solution phase synthesis when a good mixture of heterogeneous solutions is needed for combinatorial chemistry, biotechnology and process development.

Modular mixers feature microprocessor based control technology with speeds from 100 to 1000 rpm depending on load. They have a communications (USB) port, two contact closures and front panel digital interface. There is a soft start/stop of motor and orbital offset of .070”. Standalone modular mixers have variable speed operation and all the same performance features as standard mixers. Operation by the contact closure runs the mixer at the programmed speed and the unit homes when the contact is open if activated. Add a thermal block for heating and cooling.

Key Features

  • Variable speed orbital mixing
  • Homing position and repeatable mixing settings
  • Can be customized for different racks and thermal blocks

Item Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Large Capacity Mixer; 240V Each
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Large Capacity Mixer; 120V Each
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96-Well Plate; Cartridge Capacity: 4 Each
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