Kinematica POLYTRON PT1200 Hand Dispenser

Kinematica POLYTRON PT1200 Hand Dispenser (Ecoline) is lightweight and therefore ideal for rapid turnaround of smaller sample volumes. The extensive range of sample preparation applications. All the aggregates are manufactured from 316L, electrolytically polished and made in Switzerland. The synthetic aggregates (SYN) are manufactured from the highest quality materials available. This guarantees their application at a motor speed up to 30,000 RPM. All dispersing aggregates for the PT1200E are equipped with high-quality synthetic bearings. They exhibit excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance. They are all FDA approved. The POLYTRON aggregates are all fitted with a high-precision quick release system: The Click & Go.

EasyClean technology ensures the simplest removal and fast cleaning, either by hand, dishwasher, or autoclave. Disassembling the precisely fitting components is simple and fast.

Key Features

  • Easy operation with an on-off switch and speed control
  • Intelligent variable speed control for long equipment life
  • Low noise
  • Height adjust stand (available as an option)
  • Switch aggregate quickly with Click & Go coupling
  • Easy aggregate clean-up with EasyClean Design
  • Smallest size particles/droplets: because precise analysis require homogenous samples
  • Efficient sample preparation: because fast dispersion saves time
  • Standard or custom-made aggregates: perfected for and in cooperation with users
  • Cleaning & disassembly: EasyClean design makes it very simple
  • Quick coupling of aggregates: by using Click & Go

Specifications for Kinematica POLYTRON PT1200 Hand Dispenser
Processing Volume (water) 0.05 up to 250 mL
Tip Speed Up to max. 14 m/s ; Up to 21 m/s (X-Aggregate)
Applicable Aggregates ø 3, 5, 7, 12, mm / ø 20 mm X-Design
Speed Range 0 to 25000 RPM
Drive Coupling Aggregates with E coupling
Noise Level (drive without aggregate) ≤ 65 dB(A) at 20000 RPM ; ≤ 76 dB(A) at 25000 RPM
Motor Universal with carbon brushes
Drive Power 100W
Connection Voltage 90 - 230V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Relative Humidity (max) 80% during storage & operation
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Protection Class acc. To DIN IP 20
LxWxH Drive: 220 x 44 x 55 mm / Power Supply: 132 x 58 x 30mm
Weight Drive: 440g / Power Supply: 310 g
EMC Standards IEC/EN 6100-6-2 / EN 6100-6-3
Safety Standard IEC/EN 61010-2-51
Item Model Power- V, Hz Watts Unit of Measure Price Purchase
PT 1200E Kits 230; 50 100 Each
In Stock
PT 1200E Motor 230; 50 100 Each
In Stock
PT 1300D 100-120; 60 100 Each
In Stock
PT 1200E Kits 100-120; 60 100 Each
In Stock
PT 1200E Motor 100-120; 60 100 Each
In Stock

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