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Kimble Salt, Brine, & Ethanol Hydrometers

Key Features

  • A serial number is printed on the scale and a certificate of traceability is included

  • The ballast is made from steel pellets and a binder, and it is free of heavier metals

  • The certificate of traceability indicates that the hydrometers are manufactured using devices calibrated using NIST traceable standards

  • The hydrometer meets or exceeds the requirements in ASTM specification E100, and it is calibrated to ASTM specification E126 to ensure accuracy

Item Body OD mm Cylinder OD mm Graduated Intervals Length- mm Sample Volume Scale Range Stem OD- mm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
16 41 1%, 2 Proof 300 300mL 0-100% Ethanol / 0-200 Proof 8 Each
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16 41 1% of Saturation 300 300mL 0-100% Saturated Sodium Chloride 7 Each
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16 41 0.5% by weight 300 300mL 0-26.4% Sodium Chloride 8 Each
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