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KIMAX Single Blue Metric Scale Graduated Cylinder

Kimble Chase KIMAX Single Blue Metric Scale Graduated Cylinder are calibrated with a single blue metric scale, educational grade with a plastic base and bumper. The cylinder is made of a durable, low coefficient of expansion borosilicate glass, with a reinforced top bead and a spout with a hexagonal plastic base. 

The bumpers are made of SAFE-GARD that offers a sturdy split ring made of yellow LD polyethylene. Bumpers come supplied with cylinder sizes ranging from 25 through 100 mL. The smallest volume (10 mL) is equipped with a wide funnel-shaped top for ease of filling. The 10 and 25 mL sizes are comparatively short to provide increased stability. The blue metric scale gets its color and durability from a blue ceramic enamel.

Key Features

  • Graduated cylinders volumes range from 10 mL to 100 mL; 25 mL to 100 mL comes supplied with Safe-Gard bumpers
  • Cylinders are made of a sturdy borosilicate glass
  • All Kimax graduated cylinders are calibrated “To Deliver” specific volumes into other laboratory containers

Specifications for KIMAX® Single Blue Metric Scale Educational Grade "To Deliver" Graduated Cylinder
Capacity (mL) 10 25 50 100
Graduated Interval (mL) 0.4 to 10 1 to 25 2 to 50 2 to 100
Subdivision (mL) 0.2 0.5 1 1
Approx. Height (mm) 132 138 185 248
Shelf-Pack Qty. 6 2 3 4
Case Qty. 24 6 6 6

Item Capacity Subdivisions Unit of Measure Price Purchase
25mL 0.5mL Case of 24
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
100mL 1mL Pack of 6
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
10mL 0.2mL Pack of 4
1 In Stock 1 In Stock
50mL 1mL Case of 24
8 In Stock 8 In Stock

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