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KIMAX Gooch Filtering Crucibles

The KIMAX Gooch Filtering Crucibles are designed for precipitates that need to be dried to a constant weight at 110ºC. KIMAX glassware is a trademark glassware, designed with KIMAX borosilicate glass by Kimble Chase. It has a low coefficient of expansion and high resistant to chemical attack and temperature changes. It is very similar to the physical properties as Pyrex glass.

The low-form filtering crucible is a medium porosity, 300 mm x 50 mm Kimax crucible that has high mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance. Total capacity for this crucible is 30 mL. To avoid potential damage or breakage, exposure to sudden temperature changes should be avoided. If using an electric furnace (recommended for precipitates heated to over 110ºC), wait to remove crucible until it has reached a temperature of 250ºC or less.

Other than these Kimax borosilicate glass crucibles, Kimble Chase produces reliable glassware products including beakers, bottles, burets, cylinders, flasks, pipets, chromatography columns, HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) mobile phase, distillation, filtration and extraction systems.

Key Features

  • Kimax Gooch Filtering crucibles are ideal for precipitates meant to be dried to a constant weight at 110ºC –higher temperatures necessitate an electric furnace
  • If heating in an electric furnace, crucibles should not be removed until temperature is reduced to about 250°C (482°F)
  • Crucible available is a medium porosity with a disc diameter of 30 mm

Specifications for KIMAX® Gooch Filtering Crucibles
Capacity (mL): 30
Crucible Porosity: Medium
Approx. Diameter of Disc Filter (mm): 30
Approx. Height (mm): 50

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KIMAX® Gooch Filtering Crucibles Case of 12
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