KIMAX Glass Dropping Bottles

KIMAX Glass Dropping Bottles have a wide range of laboratory applications. Choose from clear and amber bottles, depending on needs.

The 60mL Clear Bottle EF2460C is made of KG-33, ASTM 438, Type I Class A glass and designed from Federal Specs NNN-B-1194, Type II, Class 2, Grade B requirements. The 125mL Clear Bottle EF2460D is made of KG-35, ASTM 438, Type I Class B glass. Both clear bottles feature a standard taper dropper joint and rubber nipple.

The Amber Bottles EF2462A and EF2462B are made of ASTM E438 Type II, USP Type 3 glass. Both amber bottles feature a screw cap closure.

Key Features

  • Clear bottles are ideal for determining oil absorption of pigments.
  • Amber bottles protect light-sensitive chemicals.

Item Capacity- mL Color Unit of Measure Price Purchase
60 Amber Case of 12
Call for Availability In Stock
125 Clear Case of 12
Call for Availability In Stock
60 Clear Each
Call for Availability In Stock
30 Amber Case of 12
2 In Stock 2 In Stock

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