KIMAX Glass Dropping Bottles

KIMAX Glass Dropping Bottles have a wide range of laboratory applications. Choose from clear and amber bottles, depending on needs.

The 60mL Clear Bottle EF2460C is made of KG-33, ASTM 438, Type I Class A glass and designed from Federal Specs NNN-B-1194, Type II, Class 2, Grade B requirements. The 125mL Clear Bottle EF2460D is made of KG-35, ASTM 438, Type I Class B glass. Both clear bottles feature a standard taper dropper joint and rubber nipple.

The Amber Bottles EF2462A and EF2462B are made of ASTM E438 Type II, USP Type 3 glass. Both amber bottles feature a screw cap closure.

Key Features

  • Clear bottles are ideal for determining oil absorption of pigments.
  • Amber bottles protect light-sensitive chemicals.

Item Capacity Color Unit of Measure Price Purchase
60mL Amber Case of 12
1 In Stock 1 In Stock
125mL Clear Case of 12
In Stock
60mL Clear Each
10 In Stock 10 In Stock
30mL Amber Case of 12
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