High Intensity UV Lamps 100 Watt

UVP High Intensity UV Lamps 100 Watt offer brilliant irradiance for optimum fluorescence. The lamps are ideal for use in non-destructive testing and fluorescence inspection, among other applications. These heavy-duty lamps are easy to maneuver. They can be placed face down on a work surface without damage to the filter. The lamp head can rotate 360° when attached to the base for hands-free operation, and the lamp can be removed from its ballast base for additional mobility.

The Blak-Ray lamps are supplied with a 100 watt spot bulb, which provides 365nm longwave UV and is rated at 5000 hours, and 8-ft. primary and secondary cords. Lamp Model EF28193 is 115 volts and includes a power cord and plug. Lamp Model EF28193-1 is 230 volts and includes a power cord only.

Key Features

  • Special heat-resistant plastic Cool-Touch™ housing allows users to handle the lamps regardless of how long they have been turned on
  • The lamps produce a highly intense center of UV irradiance about 5" diameter at an 18" distance
  • 8-ft. cord from lamp to transformer provides good maneuverability
  • 90-day warranty covers manufacturing and materials

Specifications for UVP High Intensity UV Lamps
UV Source: 365nm longwave UV
Wattage: 100W
Lamp Head Dimensions (Depth x Diameter): 9.75" x 6" (248mm x 152mm)
Weight: 12.5 lb. (5.6 kg)
Cord Length: 8' (2.44m)

Item Attribute Description Accessory Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Blak-Ray 115VAC/60 Hz. lamp Each
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Blak-Ray 230VAC/50 Hz. lamp Each
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Lamp visor; to shield user Each
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Lamp funnel; to direct light Each
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Exposure box; to expose sample and shields Each
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