High Capacity Cryogenic Refrigerators

Cryosafe High Capacity Cryogenic Refrigerators offer cost-effective storage for semen, embryos or biological samples. Each size maximizes the holding time for a given quantity of liquid nitrogen. High-strength aluminum shell encases thermal foam insulated container. Slotted, numbered index ring allows rapid sample location. Canisters hold samples for immersion in liquid nitrogen or nitrogen vapor. Achieve storage temperatures as low as -196°C.

Key Features

  • High-strength aluminum
  • Slotted, numbered index ring

Item HxDia- in No. Canisters Vessel Cap Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
25.7 x 14.5 6 20.5 L Holding Time 50 days Each
Call for Availability In Stock
26.5 x 20 6 47.4 L Holding Time 130 days Each
Call for Availability In Stock
26 x 18.2 6 34 L Holding Time 200 days Each
Call for Availability In Stock

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