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HEMATO-CLAD Mylar-wrapped Safety Hematocrit Tubes

Drummond HEMATO-CLAD Mylar-wrapped Safety Hematocrit Tubes combine safety and precision when it comes to protecting blood samples.

HEMATO-CLAD Tubes provide a last line of defense to glass fragments or aerosols with a Mylar®-wrapped interior that will contain the blood sample. The glass capillary tube is contained during an accident, providing extra safety against cuts from broken glass. This layer of protection also reduces accidental breakage when inserting or pressing the tube into a sealing clay.

HEMATO-CLAD Safety Hematocrit tubes reduce contamination and the pipets are made of 75mm polycarbonate. Choose among an anticoagulant protected heparin coated tube (red) or a plain tube (blue). In addition, the safety hematocrit tubes comply with FDA, NIOSH, CDC, and OSHA safety recommendations for the use of capillary tubes for blood collection.

Key Features

  • Mylar® wrapping in HEMATO-CLAD tubes help prevent contamination in the event of an accident
  • Safety Hematocrit tubes are made of polycarbonate and comply with all OSHA, FDA, NIOSH, and CDC regulations
  • Added layer of protection does not take away from accuracy

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75 mm Plain Pack of 1000
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75 mm Plain Case of 1000
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75 mm Heparinized Case of 1000
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