Heathrow Scientific Wire Tube & Bottle Racks

Heathrow Wire Tube & Bottle Racks are durable and suitable for transport or sample handling.  The racks are constructed with chemically-resistant epoxy-coated steel wire. All of the racks are suitable for conical, round or flat bottom glass or plastic tubes and bottles.

Bijou Bottle/Tube Racks are suitable for Bijou bottles and low profile tubes up to a 25 mm diameter.  Available in a 2 x 6 or a 5 x 10 format with mesh bottom support

Universal Bottle/Tube Racks are suitable for Universal, McCartney and Scintillation vials and low profile tubes up to a 33 mm diameter.  Available in a 2 x 6 or a 5 x 10 format with mesh bottom support.

13 & 16 mm Tube Racks for 13 and 16 mm blood collection tubes and test tubes.  Come in two formats for each size, 6 x 12 and 9 x 12, both of which are color coded and have a slotted bottom support

Urine Container Racks are ideal for urine containers up to a 58 mm diameter.  Has a slotted bottom, and mesh bottom support.

Key Features
  • Chemically-resistant epoxy-coated steel wire construction 
  • Suitable for conical, round, or flat bottom glass or plastic tubes and bottles
  • Autoclavable
Item Attribute Description LxWxH- mm No. Places Well Depth- mm Color Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Urine Container Rack 393x262x50 24 58 Blue Each
4 In Stock 4 In Stock
Bijou Bottle/ Tube Rack 164x64x32 12 25 Blue Each
In Stock
Bijou Bottle/ Tube Rack 271x145x32 50 25 Blue Each
In Stock
Universal Bottle/ Tube Rack 355x189x60 50 33 Blue Each
2 In Stock 2 In Stock
Universal Bottle/ Tube Rack 212x80x60 12 33 Blue Each
In Stock
13 & 16mm Tube Rack 205x105x65 72 13 Blue Each
In Stock

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