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Heathrow Scientific Sharkfin Pipette Tip Rack Stand, Pipette Stand, & Double Bin

Heathrow Sharkfin Pipette Tip Rack Stand features an innovative design that store 96-well tip racks at a 10° angle for convenient access to tips. Tabs on the sides connect to the Sharkfin Pipettor Stand and Sharkfin Double Bin. The stand is designed to hold one or two tip racks and fits most 96 well racks. Both stand spaces allow the tip rack lid to stay open. The stand is made of translucent ABS and includes non-skid rubber feet.

The Sharkfin Double Bin stores commonly used items such as pipet tips or tubes. Side tabs connect to the Sharkfin Pipettor Stand, Sharkfin Tip Rack Stand, and Sharkfin Double Bin. Hinged lids make filling / dispensing easy and keep products dust free. Generous size compartments securely store loose items. The Double Bin is also made of translucent ABS and includes non-skid rubber feet.

Key Features

  • Sharkfin Tip rack stands store 96-well tip racks
  • The double bin stores commonly used items like pipet tips and tubes
  • The pipettor stand accommodates more pipettor brands
  • Products are made of durable, translucent ABS

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