Heathrow Scientific Five-Place Slide Mailers

These Heathrow Five-Place Slide Mailers are made of polypropylene containers that hold five standard slides (75 x 25 mm and 3 x 1").

Inside the wall features a slotted channel to keep slides separated and to make removal easier. A tight seal closes securely to keep slides safe and moisture out. Boxes and sliders are separate making it impossible for one slide to touch another side. The side-opening mailer measures 81 x 19 x 31 mm, while the end-opening mailer is 43 x 24 x 88 mm. Colors include red, yellow, blue, purple, and orange and come in a pack of 25.

Because of the pre-coordinated coloring system (red, yellow, blue, purple, orange), there is a ready-made organization system for color-coding different types of slides. This can be stained vs. unstained, lab date and time, viewing history, or more.

Heathrow Scientific is dependable in many applications with lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable products and an expanding line of lab supplies and instruments. Whether you work in the research sector, clinical, safety or industrial markets, the company continues to advance its already robust and comprehensive product line.

Key Features

  • End and side opening flaps aimed to limit contamination and provide different opening points for the user
  • Slotted channels inside the wall make for organized samples that are easily handled and secured.
  • Containers are made of a dependable polypropylene

Specifications for Heathrow Scientific® Five-Place Slide Mailers
  HD15982 HD15983G HD15986
Dimensions 81 x 19 x 31 mm 43 x 24 x 88 mm 43 x 24 x 88 mm

Item Attribute Description Color Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Side-Opening Mailer Natural Pack of 25
In Stock
End-Opening Mailer Natural Pack of 25
In Stock
End-Opening Mailer Assorted Pack of 25
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