Heathrow Scientific Disposable Slide Staining Tray Set

Stain, rinse, and dry on this single disposable Heathrow Disposable Slide Staining Tray Set. Use a new tray for a clean, fresh working surface area each time a staining procedure is begun, then simply throw it away when finished, and start the next procedure with a new tray. For microbiology applications, this tray offers a quick staining and drying area. For histology use, this tray provides a contained work area.

Convenient pour spouts on the tray allow easy disposal of unwanted liquid waste. Eight slides fit comfortably onto the base of the tray. The temperature range is 0° to 121°C. Dimensions: 305 mm x 127 mm x 29.5 mm. Four bases and one lid are supplied in each package.

Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight tray with handles is designed for comfortable transport from work area to sink
  • The deep well can hold liquid waste up to 38 mL
  • Specially designed black lid protects slides when used with fluorescents
  • Polypropylene and polyethylene blend offers excellent chemical resistance and strength

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Disposable Slide Staining Tray Set Pack of 1
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