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Haier Energy Efficient Ultra-Low Freezers

Haier Energy Efficient Ultra-Low Freezers use a unique hydrocarbon refrigeration system to provide maximum efficiency in extreme conditions. The four individual inner doors can be opened independently to minimize frost buildup inside the chamber. Unique door seal design for the minimum loss of cold temperature during a door opening. Stainless steel handle to ensure proper strength for door latching. Specialized control system is designed for a well-balance operation of cascade refrigeration system. High performance VIP insulation panels minimize cabinet heat gain and improve temperature stability.

Safety features include malfunction alarms for high and low temperature, power failure, sensor error, clean-filter, and extremely high ambient temperature. The alarms are capable of two types of alarm outputs: audible buzzer and flashing light. Multiple built-in system protection features including user-settable protection code for controls, user settable delay to start, voltage compensation system, and protection against extreme high voltages. Door open feature standard and USB port for temperature data downloading standard on upright models.

Key Features

  • Specialized refrigeration system design using whisper quiet fan and compressors
  • Patented cabinet insulation system designed for optimal performance and minimal frost build-up
  • Unique design of independent insulated inner door systems for independent access of storage space to provide the maximum protection of stored samples
  • Microprocessor-controlled system designed for controllable range of -40°C to -86°C for cabinet space with 1°C increment
  • Large LED display for cabinet temperature, set temperature, ambient temperature, and input voltage
  • Settable high temperature and low temperature alarms
  • Automatic clean-filter alarm and sensor error alert
  • Adjustable storage shelf height
  • Freezer chassis designed to absorb vibration and sound

DW-86L338J DW-86L578J DW-86L578J-220 DW-86L728J DW-86L828J
Temperature Range -40°C to -86°C
Power Supply 115V
Capacity 338L 578L
728L 828L
Net Weight 524.7 lbs 661.4 lbs 760.6 lbs 837.8 lbs
Gross Weight 612.9 lbs 727.5 lbs 848.8 lbs 903.9 lbs
Interior WxDxH 18.3" x 24.8" x 45.9" 24.4" x 28.2" x 51.6" 18.3" x 24.8" x 45.9" 30.2" x 28.2" x 51.6" 34.3" x 28.2" x 51.6"
Exterior WxDxH 32.0" x 35.2" x 72.7" 35.4" x 38.6" x 77.2" 32.0" x 35.2" x 72.7" 41.0" x 38.6" x 78.0" 45.1" x 38.6" x 78.0"
Shelves 3
Inner Doors 2 4
USB Interface Yes
Certification CE, UL CE
Item Capacity Power Unit of Measure Price Purchase
578L 220V Each
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828L 220V Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
338L 115V Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
578L 115V Each
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728L 220V Each
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