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GVS Quartz Microfiber Filters

GVS Quartz Microfiber Filters are made with 100% pure quartz microfiber with zero binders. They exhibit greater resistance at higher temperatures than glass microfiber making them an excellent choice for use in environments with extreme temperatures, up to 900°C, and/or aggressive chemical exposure.

Key Features

  • Retention loading and air flow permeation similar to glass microfiber filters
  • Excellent retention of very fine particles – best for use where the highest purity is required
  • Exceptional chemical and thermal resistance
  • Lowest trace metal content provide wight and dimensional stability
  • High permeation enables large volume of air to pass through
  • Practically no filter-mass loss in the presence of acid gases (HCl, SO2, SO3, H2, SO4, NO, and NO3)

Specifications for GVS Quarts Microfiber Filters
Weight85 g/m2
Thickness400 µm
Retention DOP99.998%

Item Diameter Unit of Measure Price Purchase
47 mm Pack of 100
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90 mm Pack of 100
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