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Glass Graduated Cylinders- Double Scale, Class A

These Volumetric Graduated Cylinders - Double Scale, Class A comply with ASTM E-1272, Class A standards and are Batch Certified to indicate tolerances and accuracy. Each cylinder includes a batch calibration certificate. Double metric scale provides the ability both “to deliver” and “to contain”. Calibrated to contain. These sturdy glass cylinders have pour spouts and feature heavy uniform wall tubing and strong, stable, hexagonal bases. All cylinders come with bumper guards. Manufactured from low-expansion Type 1, Class A Borosilicate 3.3 glass that complies with ASTM E438.

Key Features

  • Class A – complies with ASTM E1272 tolerances
  • Batch calibration certificate included
  • Double scale and calibrated “To Contain”
  • Sturdy construction with stable base and bumper guard
  • ASTM E438 Class A borosilicate glass
Item Graduations Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
1 mL 50 mL Each
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5 mL 500 mL Each
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1 mL 100 mL Each
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2 mL 250 mL Each
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10 mL 1000 mL Each
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20 mL 2000 mL Each
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0.5 mL 25 mL Each
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0.2 mL 10 mL Each
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