Gilson DISPENSMAN Bottle Top Dispensers

Gilson DISPENSMAN is a bottle-top dispenser for convenient, safe, and precise delivery of common laboratory solutions and solvents. Its innovative, three-position nozzle controls the dispensing of liquids, the removal of air in the system to avoid liquid loss, and includes an anti-drip safety feature that returns liquid to the bottle. Make volume changes quickly and easily with no need to open bottles, decreasing chances of contamination. Five DISPENSMAN models are available covering volume ranges from 250 microliters to 50 mL.

Key Features

  • Accurate and Reproducible Dispensing: Quickly and easily dispense just the liquid needed with a precise volume setting. The built-in recalibration mechanism ensures reproducibility. Avoid any loss of liquid with the recycle position and recirculation valve for purging air
  • Safe and Easy to Use: Keep your bench and other devices safe with the anti-drip system and the return of liquid into the bottle after use. The sliding volume adjuster enables simple one-hand operation and volume adjustment
  • Flexible: Adaptable to every type of liquid with an easy calibration, universal chemical compatibility for many applications, numerous bottle adapters, and fully autoclavable at 121°C

Specifications for Gilson DISPENSEMAN Bottle Top Dispensers
 Specifications Model F110101 F110102 F110103 F110104 FF110105
Volume Range 0.25 - 2.5 mL 0.5 - 5 mL 1 - 10 mL 2.5 - 25 mL 5 - 50 mL
Scaling 0.05 mL 0.10 mL 0.20 mL 0.50 mL 1.00 mL
Maximum Permissible Errors Gilson Systematic Error ±0.012 mL ±0.030 mL ±0.060 mL ±0.150 mL ±0.300 mL
Gilson Random Error <0.002 mL <0.005 mL <0.010 mL <0.025 mL <0.050 mL
ISO 8655-5 Systematic Error ±0.030 mL ±0.030 mL ±0.060 mL ±0.150 mL ±0.300 mL
ISO 8655-5 Random Error <0.010 mL <0.010 mL <0.020 mL <0.050 mL <0.100 mL
Item Volume Unit of Measure Price Purchase
2.5-25 mL Each
In Stock
5-50 mL Each
In Stock
0.25-2.5 mL Each
In Stock
0.5-5 mL Each
In Stock
1-10 mL Each
In Stock

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