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Get Free Help Building Your Methylmercury or Total Mercury Testing System

Brooks Rand worked with the EPA to develop 1600-series test methods for methylmercury and total mercury in the 1980s. Get help building your EPA 1630, 1631, or 245.7 methylmercury or total mercury testing rig today from the folks who made the tests.

Talk to an expert to make sure every module in your methylmercury or total mercury testing system is optimized for your lab. And get an accurate projection of your ongoing cost of operation. Free.

Fill in the form and we’ll send you a free sample collection kit and ½ page questionnaire to fill out.

Send it back (postage is paid) and we’ll set up a quick Zoom chat to analyze your water with an expert at Brooks Rand.

If you like what you see, we’ll put together a quote with your special Daigger pricing.

These systems are infinitely upgradable. So as your lab testing volume increases, you never have to buy a whole new instrument. Just add a module to increase capacity.

This is how you manage your budget heroically.

Get your free, no-strings-attached sample collection and analysis kit.

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Request your kit

Step 2
Fill the sample bottle & complete the form

Step 3
Send it all back.

Step 4
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What you get from your analysis

An emailed summary report of your test results (and a chat about it on your call).

A system + components recommendation based on your sample analysis and the info you provided in your sample form.

A precise, estimated cost of ownership projection to help you easily manage your budget.

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